Written by:
Brian Smith
Director, Business Development

How to Achieve Better Results Through Marketing

Your small business needs all the help it can get during an international pandemic, and being able to market more efficiently matters a great deal. To do so, you’ll need to utilize all of your tools! But, where should you focus? How can you achieve better results through marketing?

Use Marketing Research

Marketing research is your friend. Being able to qualitatively and quantitatively measure your increases, and how you fare against competitors, matters in today’s market. Whether you do your own research or use secondary research from other’s experiences, knowing what your potential clients want and need is important for the future of your business. Whether you use social media surveys, market focus groups, or questionnaires, being able to know what people in your market want and need will help increase your sales exponentially.

Take Advantage of Your Tools

Thankfully, there are more tools than ever at your disposal to do just those things. You can increase your ranking on search engines by updating your blog or website frequently. Using social media to do fun quizzes is as simple as pressing a few buttons on Twitter, nowadays! Updating your website helps you rank higher when customers search for your services.

Your Brand Is Your Good Name

When it comes to effectively marketing yourself and your company, your brand needs to be standardized between all social media websites and your website. This means your logo is standard, your online “personality” is chosen in advance and standard as well, and your links all lead to you specifically. When it comes to branding, having a specific characterization in mind for your brand is like putting on a costume for a character in a play, or a uniform for a job. You wouldn’t hire a plumber with spotless shoes, now would you hire a lawyer wearing filthy ones. Your branding uniform must fit from head to toe.

If you are working to market your company effectively, you must pay attention to the marketing research, and much work to establish and solidify your brand. Social media tools can make or break your business, and hiring somebody to help is more common than ever. There are always bloggers and media specialists who are experts that can help. Allow your business to be its best by figuring out where your best balance is and establishing your brand with power!

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