Written by:
Brian Smith
Director, Business Development

How to Get the Word Out About Your Holiday Sales Event

The holidays are a great time to host sales events and get customer involvement but getting the word out can often be challenging. Luckily, we live in a time with a variety of methods to attract customers and make your holiday sales event as well attended as possible.

Social Media Posts

The first option for getting the word out is through social media posts. You can use both organic and paid posts to help boost your event and draw in new and existing customers. Organic social media content is free, and helps you reach your current audience. This can be a great starting point for promoting your sales event. Paid social media content can help you expand your audience and bring in new customers. The best social media campaigns use both organic and paid posts to reach the largest possible audience.

Source: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/improve-your-social-media-posts/

Send Reminders

Another great way to reach your audience is by sending reminders. If you have a weekly or monthly newsletter, you can start by reminding customers about your holiday sales event through that format. In addition to a newsletter, text messages and emails can be a very effective way to conveniently reach your audience. The average open rate for text messages is 99%.

Whatever method you use to remind your customers, be sure to create messaging that is concise and effective. In texts and emails, brief fun content that can be read in less than a minute is the easiest way to engage your customer. It will help to ensure they remember and attend your sales event.

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Have a Giveaway

Nothing gets engagement quite like a giveaway. Encourage customers to share information about your event through a social media and photo campaign that enters them in a giveaway. Choose a prize that matches the needs and wants of your target customer so they are even more excited to participate. This provides a tangible reward for promoting and attending your sales event.

Start promoting your giveaway early and consistently so your customers stay engaged and build up hype about your upcoming sales event. Make sure to document every step of the process and announce the winner on your social media platforms.

Source: https://upviral.com/promote-a-giveaway/

Promoting your holiday sales is an important part of your success through the final months of the year. With these ways of reaching your audience and spreading the word, you can plan for an even more successful holiday event.

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