Written by:
Justin Rolfes
Founder / CEO

Innovation in Marketing: It Starts with the Relationship

It’s 2018, folks.

2018 is not the year to stick with a broken system, and it’s not the year to wink at potential clients in the dark.

2018 is the year to harness your business’ true potential by ditching cookie-cutter solutions and embracing relationships that provide for your specific needs.

So, instead of your typical “New Year” post, rehashing last year’s top marketing trends or speculating about where your industry might take you this year, we want to start 2018 with the most integral piece of the Mirata Advantage puzzle:


Here at Mirata, we believe the current structure of a business/agency relationship is broken. It blows our minds that many in the industry choose to simply accept this structure. Why? “Because that’s just how it’s always been done.” Now, when did any good idea start with that sentence?

If you want to achieve more with your business, spread your mission to as many prospective clients as you can, you’ll need a true partnership — not just a vendor relationship. And this partnership? It’s something new; a shift in perspective and expectations… because you can’t really expect the same old format to produce different results. This is why we believe that innovation in marketing has to start by overhauling the current relationship structure.

Because we’ve got experience on both sides of the desk, we knew there had to be a better way… so we went out and built it. The Mirata Advantage is a relationship structure built on trust and the belief that a customized marketing plan will beat out a generic one, every time. We gave this structure a more detailed treatment in a previous blog post, and it’s worth a read if you’d like to dig a bit deeper into our philosophy.

Both the business/agency relationship and a successful marketing strategy start on a similar foundation: trust.  

Your marketing success relies on a solid foundation that won’t let you down.

The construction of a marketing relationship (and resulting marketing strategy) shares many of the same principles as building a home, and on both fronts you’ve got to start with a strong foundation. Anything less will result in lost income and wasted time. The Mirata team builds that foundation out of trust. As an agency partner, we are more invested in your success than we are awards or scoring extra income... and we’re willing to put that to the test.

Why pay for a mansion when all you need is a yurt?

Because our main priority is your business’ success, we choose to build a custom marketing plan that fits your goals, needs, and budget. The traditional agency mindset simply provides you with impersonal options and tries to force your goals into their model — regardless of whether or not it’s actually the plan you truly need.

If you wanted a small, minimalist home that provides for your most basic needs, would you pay a developer to build a three-story mansion with an outdoor pool and 12 car garage? Of course not! And therein lies the point:

You need an agency that won’t try to sell you that mansion. You need an agency run by people  willing to build you the most efficient yurt (tent, tiny home — let’s not get too crazy on the metaphor here), even if it won’t make them as much money as the mansion.

Focus on your foundation and structure before you worry about solid gold gutters.

In both marketing and homebuilding, the temptation to add on a bunch of bells and whistles is strong. Trust us, that’s totally understandable — of course you want all the coolest stuff! Here’s the kicker, though. If they’re not appropriate for your business right now, those shiny objects often increase effort and cost instead of results.

The best way to combat this waste of resources is to focus on the structure of your marketing plan, and to build that structure up from a clear, strategic foundation.

We’re here to help you decide whether or not those shiny objects fit with your process and improve your efficiency. If your business needs a blog, we’ll help you with that. If it doesn’t, we’re not going to convince you to add one simply because it’ll help our bottom line.

Our main focus is constructing a marketing plan that provides a solid foundation for your success. Do you have the basic, cornerstone pieces of your business in place? Is your website set up in a way to help you with SEO? Does your branding communicate what you offer in a clear, concise way?

Everything we do is strategic; whether it be adding new processes or reducing others, it is all centered around being as effective and efficient as possible.

So, what do you say? Is 2018 your year?

Is it your year to ditch the broken system? Your year to find an agency relationship that acknowledges your business’ needs and drives it to excellence?

If it is, the Mirata team is ready to roll up its sleeves and start building.