Written by:
Justin Rolfes
Founder / CEO

The Value of the Right Marketing Partner

What makes a valuable marketing partner?

Notice above that I didn’t use the word “agency” or “expert?”

Instead, I used the word “partner,” and I meant it. You may not realize it, but when you start shopping for marketing agencies to work with, what you’re actually looking for is an organization who will look out for your needs, help you make appropriate, useful decisions, and put your company’s success at the top of its priorities.

Sounds pretty logical, right? Why would you hire someone who was only looking out for their bottom line?

Unfortunately, this bottom-line-mindset is actually quite common in the world of marketing agencies, and here at Mirata, we refuse to accept it.

Partner with someone who’s looking out for you.

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re going on safari in Africa. You’ve got your flights, lodging, and transportation figured out… but you’re going to need a tour guide. You know those rugged African plains full of lions, hyenas, and blazing sun? They’re not much different from the world of marketing, and you need someone who knows how to navigate that world and look out for your best interests.

A good marketing partner is like a good tour guide; they have enough experience in their world to know what you can handle, what you need, and how to get you where you need to go. A tour guide who cares only about the fee — and not about your general health and survival — is like a marketing agency who places you in an expensive “one-size-fits-all” marketing plan and expects your business to survive.  

If you’re paying a partner to help you navigate the often intimidating world of marketing, you want that partner to be knowledgeable and proactive — the last thing you want is to pay someone to simply do what you tell them to. That’s not a partner, that’s an assistant, and it’s definitely not what you want to be spending your money on. If you knew what you needed, you’d just do it yourself!

A valuable marketing partner should give you insight and constructive advice when it comes to your marketing plan, and execute it seamlessly.

How about a local, real-world example in which the names have been changed for the sake of diplomacy?

Not too long ago, a high-profile state entity — let’s call it A State Entity — entrusted a marketing campaign to a fairly high-profile marketing agency — let’s call it Big Wig Agency — in a project that resulted in a very public exposure of state fund misuse.

Long story short: A State Entity ended up going millions of dollars over-budget for the campaign overall, with very large discrepancies found in the expenses logged by Big Wig Agency.

Does this sound like a partnership? Your marketing agency spending thousands of dollars more than originally discussed, without any communication? No. This is an example of an un-checked agency, working overtime toward its own bottom line.

Choose a partner who prioritizes your success.

We recently worked with a start-up that had chosen an overseas company for their logo and brand packaging. This company was beginning to work with Mirata to bring the business to market — that is, until their trademark lawyers discovered their brand properties were exact replicas to another organization’s branding. The startup was not only back to the drawing board in terms of branding, but also out all the money they paid the overseas company.

When you work with us and experience the Mirata Advantage, our goal is to eliminate the chances of these circumstances through honest, open communication designed to help your business thrive.

First and foremost, we believe that the traditional retainer structure discourages open communication, and have tossed it out the window. Rather than charging our clients big bucks for answering a simple question, we work with your budget in a way that encourages your communication with us without breaking the bank.

Secondly, the Mirata Advantage turns the traditional agency suggestion structure on its head. Rather than barraging you with suggestions that are driven by revenue goals (or to simply add line items to the final bill), we take the time to suggest strategies and products that make sense for your company.

Back to that safari!

Big Wig Agency? That overseas company that makes money off of other brands’ designs? Those are the tour guides who will drive you to a lion’s den and say “Good luck! Go pet the cats! Aren’t you glad we helped you?”

I don’t think I can stress this enough: At Mirata, we prefer our clients to be happy, successful, and not eaten by lions.

Mirata Marketing is a full-service marketing agency innovating the way businesses and marketing agencies work together. Using our unique approach, the Mirata Advantage, we are able to provide expert-level service in everything from marketing strategy, branding and logo design, website design and development, digital advertising, and more — all in an effort to provide the professional help that is not typically accessible for most businesses.

Make Mirata Marketing a part of your team and help us Evolve Expectations.