Written by:
Justin Rolfes
Founder / CEO

What Can the Mirata Advantage do for you?

To understand the answer to that question, you first have to understand what the Mirata Advantage is.  We created the Mirata Advantage to help businesses get the high quality strategy, designing, marketing, etc. that they truly need but typically can’t afford.  It has become increasingly more difficult for businesses of any size to utilize outside help and still accomplish the goals in which they set out to achieve.  That is why we created the Mirata Advantage.  

As a business you typically have three options when looking to maximize your marketing efforts.  The first option, hire an internal person/team.  Bringing on internal staff certainly has its advantages, for example, you control your expense and can therefore increase production or output without having to increase that same expense.  However, you also typically limit yourself in terms of capability.  People are typically proficient in one aspect or another, e.g. designers are not typically great strategists and vice versa.  Or someone who is excellent at Public Relations might not be as proficient with Google AdWords.  Limitations in capabilities leaves you with certain holes needing to be filled.  Do you outsource your design work?  Do you hire an outside vendor to help manage your PPC campaign?  All real possibilities to solve the issue but also all real expenses to add to the cost of the employee who is supposed to help save you money.  

Your second option as a business is to outsource all your marketing efforts to 3rd party vendors who can help you achieve key initiatives.  If you need help completing one specific task, this is a great way to go, 3rd party vendors typically have a level of expertise on a given topic, for example, there are companies that specialize in PPC advertising, they have developed strategies to help make their campaigns successful (not necessarily unique strategies but they have a defined process for them).  Have more areas where you need help?  Well, then you better get another 3rd party involved because your PPC provider is not going to be the best resource for design work, or overall strategy, or anything other than your PPC efforts.  Not only does it then become difficult to manage all the 3rd party partnerships that you have but it is absolutely going to cost you more because there is no opportunity for volume time discounts, each agreement stands on its own for their individual work.  Outsourcing everything is an option, but I hope you are prepared to spend most of your budget on them rather than the performance.  

Thirdly, you can hire an agency.  Coming from an agency, this is the obvious choice, right?  Not necessarily.  You need to be careful and thorough when selecting your agency partner.  Be sure you find one that actually treats you like a partner and values you enough to put their money where their mouth is.  That premise is how we developed the Mirata Advantage.  In a traditional agency structure, you pay what is called a retainer fee, very similar to the way you would when using an attorney consistently.  I always struggled to explain what that retainer fee really was.  It was billed as your payment to have access to us as an agency, to me that is just part of being a partner, you shouldn’t have a pay a significant amount of money to be able to talk to us as your marketing partner, I mean, I am sure we are interesting enough to warrant it, but why not put that money towards a better use, like actual marketing.  What made the retainer even harder to explain is when you wanted to complete a project with us, you still had to pay a project cost, so it became more and more like you really were getting nothing for the retainer fee.  Plus you as a customer were never really sure where that recommendation came from, was it really the best thing or did we just need to get another project on the books.  

The Mirata Advantage is the perfect combination of all 3 options, let me explain how it works.  The first step is to sit down and develop a strategy for you to execute from, furthermore, it sets the expected workload for the coming months, this is very important for the next step.  Next, based on the expected workload (see why it was important) we determine what the Mirata Advantage payment will be.  While this amount can range wildly dependent on the business needs and expected workload, it typically falls in the range of a part-time employee to a comparable salary for a person to fill the role that we are to fill.  Once the Mirata Advantage is in place, from a billing standpoint, we are just like an internal employee, minus the employer taxes and benefits of course.  What that means is that anything an internal employee could do for you, is included under the Mirata Advantage payment.  These tasks can include, ongoing strategy, budgeting, PPC management, design work, printing coordination, and so many other things.  The only thing you are responsible for outside of the Mirata Advantage payment is anything that is considered an out-of-pocket expense, like the actual printing of a brochure for instance.  While we still develop the brochure and oversee the printing, the actual cost of the printing is your responsibility as the company, just as it would be if you had hired an internal employee.  

So, why do we say this is the perfect combination of all 3 options typically available to you?  Simple, we have taken the best parts of all 3 options and combined them into one, affordable option.  We have taken the predictable expense of the internal employee (again minus the employer taxes and benefits, so actually a savings to you), we have relationships with any 3rd party vendors that we can pass along access to you for a much less cost (if any) than if you tried to get the same access for yourself, and we have a team full of experts in every facet of marketing so you get expert level execution from all arms of your marketing, while realizing the expense benefits of hiring internal.  The Mirata Advantage sounds nice but now you see that it actually has meaning.  Utilizing Mirata as your partner of choice truly gives you an advantage over your competitors because you are able to make your budget reach much further than they are as well as execute at a level above the rest.  

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