Written by:
Justin Rolfes
Founder / CEO

‍What Should We Do?

In many conversations, people ask questions out of sequence. It’s part of human nature. We want to get to the good stuff NOW without doing the preparation. It’s why you read those “life hack” articles. A secret: if they worked, you’d be retired already.

Mirata Marketing is a marketing agency, and people ask us variations of the same question: what should we do?

The answer?

Marketing is a way to build the future, and it requires values judgements. Before we can get to the tactics – what to do – we have to ask the hard questions about who you serve, why you care, and how you will make an impact in the world.

These are conversations that force us to step back together and consider the deeper meaning behind our intentions. For many people, these are uncomfortable conversations. People sometimes avoid reflective questions in favor of activity. We seek easy answers, checklists, and templates. We want someone to tell us to post to Facebook three times per week. We want to do something.

The hard questions guide your marketing vision. You’ve heard the adage, “Start with the end in mind.” We encourage you to start with the beginning in mind. Take your time to develop a better strategy. Figure out how to explain who you are first. Then discuss how to connect with the right people. The path of more resistance will yield better results… which is the future you ultimately want to build.

The mechanics of what to do only mean something when you know why you’re doing them. The answer to, “What should we do?” is slow down. Create the vision first, then execute.