Written by:
Justin Rolfes
Founder / CEO

When Being Different Goes Right

If you’ve watched more than a few hours of TV in the past 10 years, you’ll likely recognize the aloof, swarthy spokesperson for Dos Equis beer: The Most Interesting Man in the World.

This dashing older gentleman half-heartedly endorses the company’s offerings with the saying, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.”

The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign was an awesome success.

In fact, stats came out a while back stating that the company achieved 3x the sales growth from this marketing effort… and it didn’t just stop with sales. The visibility gained from it was nothing to sneeze at. From people actually seeking these commercials out on Youtube to countless — I’m not exaggerating, countless — memes using that tagline as a foundation, the reach of Dos Equis’ dapper spokesperson was fricking epic.

Now, while we could surely spend hours analyzing just why the campaign took off so well, that’s not really what I care about here. What I care about is how it all started.

I mean, imagine with me for a minute here.

Let’s say Dos Equis’ marketing agency was hanging out in their conference room, throwing around ideas for a new ad campaign. You with me? Now, imagine somebody actually pitching this idea:

“Okay, so what if we’ve got this guy — like a super rich-looking dude who doesn’t give a… well, he just doesn’t really care what people think. And he kind of likes our beer. Like, he doesn’t drink it all the time… but you know, when he does drink beer… it’s ours.”

It doesn’t matter how brilliant and lucrative the idea ended up being, you’ve got to admit: it was a risk.  

There had to be board members, executives, people in charge who animatedly disagreed with that campaign idea — it’s simply too untraditional to have gone over without any dissent. So what happened? What clicked and convinced that company to go along with such a far-out idea?

Trust. Trust happened.

Somewhere along the way, the people at Dos Equis trusted their agency to do the right thing for them.

Let me be honest here: I said “trust happened” for dramatic effect. The truth is that trust does not simply just happen, much like one doesn’t simply walk into Mordor. Trust has to be nurtured in a relationship between two people or entities, nurtured through communication, tireless research, and fierce dedication to a common goal.

This is the part where I remind you that a successful relationship between a company and a marketing agency needs to be a valuable, mutually-beneficial partnership… not just a relationship between an organization and a vendor.

What’s the value of a good marketing campaign? Well, that depends on your goals. Those goals could be increased website traffic, a busier lunch at your restaurant, or any number of possible outcomes that can be beneficial to your business. The point is that your marketing partner needs to be asking you about those goals — and if they’re not, that’s not a partner. That’s a vendor.

There’s something to be said for a sense of adventure.

It’s okay to take a risk here and there — in fact, I encourage it. I’ll even toss in a motivational quote to back it up.

Mel Brooks, one of the most successful comedy writers of the 20th century once said, “You got to be brave. If you feel something, you've really got to risk it."

Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, The Producers. All wild successes in both mainstream, quantifiable ways and undeniable, era-transcending cult ones. Think about pitching those ideas (I mean come on, The Producers has a song in it called “Springtime for Hitler”), and think about the kind of support team you’d need to bring them to fruition. You’d need a special group of people with an epic amount of trust and belief in those common goals, and you’d need a team with the skills and strategies to pull them off.

Risks can be good. Risks can set you up for success you’ve barely even dreamed about… but you’ve got to have a knowledgeable partner, fiercely dedicated to your success — not their bottom line.

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