Written by:
Justin Rolfes
Founder / CEO

Why Your Business Needs SEO to Be Successful

Why invest in SEO? SEO, or search engine optimization, improves the quality and quantity of website traffic to your site. Improving your SEO helps new customers find your business through search results as well as establish the credibility of your business.

Improve Trust in Your Business

Search results give customers a sense of authority. The higher the search result, the more people trust that the business is relevant and trustworthy. Think of search engines as librarians. When a person asks a librarian a question or for a book, they expect the librarian to give them the most relevant information first. This mentality is essentially the same when it comes to search engines. Search algorithms rank the relevancy and authority of websites through an algorithm based on many different SEO factors. Find out how you can use this algorithm and SEO to help customers find you.

Make Sure Customers Find You

SEO helps customers discover your business quickly. Search algorithms gather information and rank it according by what they believe is most relevant and trustworthy to searchers. In fact, the first three listings in a Google search result get 60% of the clicks. But how do you make sure your website is seen as relevant? You can do this through effective SEO. SEO specifically targets the kind of traffic that comes from organic search results. It doesn’t tend to focus on direct or paid traffic, like GoogleAd campaigns.

Google analyzes the content (relevance) and links (external citation authority) in order to rank a website. Here are a few edits you can make to your site to make sure your customers find you:

  • Write compelling meta descriptions
  • Make sure your most popular pages load quickly
  • Update content on low-ranking pages
  • Include keywords and key phrases
  • Backlink on poor-ranking pages and fix any broken backlinks
  • Include links to other pages on your site
  • See if your site is eligible for a featured snippet
  • Create more content on your pages

Key Factors to Keep in Mind

SEO is a constantly shifting field. However, there are several key factors any business should keep in mind when editing their site for SEO.

  • Targeted, branching categories of keywords
  • Identify and address weakness in search results
  • Understand your audience, their level of understanding and what keywords they search
  • Be deliberate when choosing metrics and key performance indicators

Regardless of what approach you take, always keep in mind how to best represent your business to customers. SEO is a powerful tool, so explore your options and consider consulting with an SEO rankings expert. Consulting an expert, or even just doing research on your own, can improve both your site and your business.

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