Who We Are

A New Approach to the Client Relationship.

Our approach began to take shape when we were on the client side of the desk. We knew what we wanted out of our marketing agencies. We could just never find it.
With Us You'll Find:
A marketing agency that feels like an internal resource – seamlessly integrated into your business to whatever degree you need.
A marketing agency that understands your pain points – and how to alleviate them.
A marketing agency that’s fully involved and vested in your marketing program’s performance.
When we were on your side of the desk, we always thought there was a better way to conduct business as a marketing agency. And today, with Mirata Marketing, there is. 

So whether you’re a small business owner – doing everything yourself – or a long-established organization with a strong marketing team, you can count on Mirata Marketing to learn your business, understand your priorities and deliver what you need.

Focused on Results.

We love getting recognized for our work – by our clients. 
We’ve been on your side of the desk, where we grew familiar with marketing agencies obsessed with winning awards. 
There’s nothing wrong with peer recognition, but it’s not what motivates us. 
We’re business people. 
We find our priorities in your marketing objectives. We take our satisfaction by delivering results.